To Enhance the Value of the Brand in China Jordan Sports

By real improve product quality to enhance the value of the brand in China and Jordan Sports Jordan Sports Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Ni Zhen.

China and Jordan sports management in the brand building strategy of the research enterprise, determined to use to improve the product, “Strength” to improve the value of their own clothing in order to enhance the brand value, rather than spend huge sums of money on the surface of gorgeous investment in advertising. In recent years a number of sportswear enterprises in the implementation of the “star endorsement + CCTV Sports Channel” branding method, Jordan sports in China, this strategy can be regarded as inventive class.

China and Jordan Sports is committed to the enhancement of brand value over the years, efforts to build national brands. Ni Zhen, general manager of China and Jordan sports Mr With advertising success is definitely a handful, China and Jordan sports similar companies spend on advertising heavily into product development and quality improvement. Nike LunarElite +3 Mens Running Shoes.

The superstition sports resources and those still mad advertising mad shop competitors, China and Jordan Sports Select quietly focus on the basketball field in the second echelon dormant for many years. China and Jordan Sports launched a new offensive in the initial, first invited professional market research company, to understand the consumer psychology of a new generation of sporting goods and consumption patterns, China and Jordan Sports followed and brand creative agency combing the brand positioning and value proposition.

Ni Zhen, China and Jordan Sports Co., Ltd., general manager of international sports brand after years of accumulation, whether it is operational skills, or to seize the marketing resources should be better than domestic enterprises in the existing conditions, the domestic enterprises to reduce and international brands gap, only hard efforts to do more innovation, including product innovation, marketing idea, innovation, marketing tool for innovation, sales and service innovation. Mens Nike LunarElite +3 Running Shoes.
China and Jordan sports a more positive view and take the initiative to respond to market transformation. Sports, said China and Jordan will continue to comply with industry requirements, steady progress and development, based on the second and third-line market, and actively enter the first-line market.

Sports of China and Jordan re-adjust its own development orientation, the next step will focus on the establishment of a comprehensive professional sports brand attributes, brand-image of the personality style, laid the foundation for the future development of the brand; at the same time, China and Jordan sports will strengthen and young consumers communication, power sports brand rejuvenation. “Ni Zhen, general manager of China and Jordan sports.

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