the Basic Knowledge Men’s Casual Shoes Designed

First, the shape design

Men casual shoes shape design toe shape design, structural style design and help the component design. Which help to component design is divided into two kinds of flat contour of form design and the design of three-dimensional constitute the latter is mainly used in the rest leisure sandals shape design.

Male leisure toe design should first make the front of the foot there is sufficient space inside the toe, not the pursuit of the shape of the novel leaving feet feeling unwell. Male leisure toe shape are generally more lenient, to seek changes in the full form.

Men casual Mens Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes to help parts modeling plays an important role in the men’s design, constitute an important component of the visual beauty of the male casual shoes shape. The design of the upper parts of the male leisure including the design of the upper parts, the focus in the ear parts, ear parts of the form design form is designed to focus on the entire male casual Mens Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes, and generally flat contour of the ear parts change available a variety of decorative craft techniques to make shoes, ear parts to form a new visual effects.


Second, the color scheme

The peaceful, elegant, warm, natural color is the main use of color, brown, camel, brown, brown, khaki, sand color, beige and other colors of men casual Mens Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes men casual shoes commonly used color. These colors match each other to form the color of the same color, and can achieve efficiency of a good color effect. Men casual shoes color design generally do not use high purity cool, cool and warm color for casual Mens Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes, usually to reduce the purity of the cool, solemn, serious, tense feeling to reduce the high purity cool. Casual shoes designed for the trendy young people can warm and cool colors with high purity, so you can get a strong color contrast effect, which meet young people in pursuit of warm, fresh and personalized performance psychology.

Third, the materials and design

Men casual shoes materials and design, color design should focus on casual Mens Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes style properties to use the material. Men casual shoes material should be selected texture feeling of good-natured, friendly and subtle suede, nubuck leather, oil tanned leather, embossed leather, wrinkled leather, exaggerated the material texture effects such as cotton and linen fabrics, leather, paint, pearl leather, etc. generally do not. The upscale casual shoes can be used with some rare alligator, ostrich, python leather and other materials.

Fourth, the use of decorative craft

Men casual Mens Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes for decorative craft: the ridge seam, punching, string flowers, Ji-line, weaving, embroidery and other techniques. In the use of decorative craft should be noted that the use of the innovative design of the decoration process to complete the pattern shape, number, location, color, texture and other relationship factors, these factors directly determine the effect of the use of decorative craft.

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