Categories of Shoes

Categories: non-venue sports shoes (suitable for use in life)

    Running shoes:

    Can be adapted to the asphalt, gravel and grass, and many other road conditions, training running shoes are generally comfortable fit, beautiful and stable, dynamic flowing lines of the male models, female models are beautifully lightweight, simple design trends. Style is usually low to help.

    (1) appearance: the bottom of the heel on the lateral cutting Rocker hinder the movement to reduce a large palm Rocker promote this design to run the function; forefoot spacious, low side will make the foot free movement.

    (2) Upper: mesh material-based (to make it breathable and reduce weight), together with the high-intensity artificial breathable leather or microfiber material, and configured to the special design and craft embellishment to achieve elegant, refreshing look and feel. Pay attention to ventilation, light, soft, wearing a fit yet loose comfortable.

    (3) Midsole: Optional shock-absorbing, lightweight collectively referred to as the MD (MODEL or PHYLEN, pregnant Long) materials. Correction: MD is the abbreviation of MOULDED means molding combination of the EVA rubber outsole to provide strong protection for the movement. Curved groove in the floor palm design, so that movement can bend freely. (In order to meet market demand and consumer purchasing power, is also part of the TPR material for running shoes in the end.

    (1) outsole: Due to the running of the directionality of the movement is relatively simple (forward), made simple to wear and slip resistant carbon rubber outsole (bottom) a thin one, in order to reduce unnecessary weight. pattern because of the need to adapt to a variety of pavement, designed and downs of the particles or massive, and with a bending groove design can effectively achieve the damping and stability while improving grip, bend and slip effect.

    (2) the inside of the arch and foot: in the inside of the foot and arch and other parts of the installation made of high density material and TPU materials to reverse the system to prevent the movement of feet inward too much flip to avoid sports sprain. And soles of the feet and heels with the natural conditions on the ground to reverse, improve stability and control movement of the system while enhancing the strength in the end effective decomposition of the arch pressure.
    Toe, heel and side (3): several pieces for the hot melt adhesive film reinforcement to improve the strength and protection role, providing good stability and durability.

    (4) Insole: damping materials and WetlandsSweat – absorbent material, with holes design and application of the deodorant antimicrobial technology, while damping perspiration breathable, can eliminate the breeding ground for odor.

    (5) Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes features: light, soft, elastic; wear resistance, shock absorption, anti-slip; good air permeability, grip, flex, stability, durability, control of both deodorant health functions.

    Running shoes:

    Apply to the smoother road conditions, exercise less fitness-jogging, material characteristics and professional running Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes is no different from the basic design style tends simple, crisp, and the average weight is better than other similar products.

    The shoe tree: According to the feet of the Chinese people, the professional design of the shoe last, suitable for all types of people.

    Outsole: the selection of an Anti-slip rubber, functional, professional running shoes, but the design is simpler than running Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes, the shading is generally trench ladder, increase the wear-resistant and non-slip effect.

    The midsole: good cushioning EVA slices, in order to meet the movement for comfort. EVA itself has good flexibility and can reduce stress and vibration.

    Selection, uppers: breathable sandwich mesh, and configure a soft, toughness and good cow suede leather, space leather, PU leather, microfiber material makes the shoes add elegance, casual atmosphere, some models efficient 3M reflective material that can be even more at night with a single step students the “light” dynamic.

    Insoles using anti-bacterial, anti-odor technology, combined with the shock relieving material – latex sheets and slip face cloth, negative pressure reduce feet

    More comfortable wearing.

    Features: lightweight, suitable for foot cushioning, breathable, odor resistant.

    Walk (casual) Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes:

    Suitable for walking in a relatively flat road environment, and movement into varieties of sports shoes fashion leisure life. The material characteristics of running shoes is no different but the style design simple, crisp, stylish, trendy, curve Meiya, color is more varied, colorful and diverse trend of individuation, casual, suitable with all kinds of clothing.

    Upper: usually full leather and space, leather, PU leather, microfiber material, and cortical soft possessed toughness as well. Are out of the comfort requirements, a small number of styles is sometimes also a large area of fabric materials and soft Lai card, but its texture is a higher strength and soft, breathable, with the rich atmosphere of casual fashion.

    Upscale casual Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes in the shoe sole design is also very particular about the comfort of the entire pair of shoes because the soles or not play a decisive role; selected set of shock-absorbing midsole, stable, light and soft as a PHYLON (dragon) or EVA material part of the selection by softening TPR material handling.

    : High abrasion rubber outsole is made to provide good shock-absorbing protection, and the need to meet hardwearing outsole pattern was smooth, granule, or ladder-like design of the bottom varied enhance beauty. Some casual Nike Lunar Orbit Running Shoes without the patch directly to the PU or MD bigger end of outsole.


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